Medical Cannabis Clinical Training Curriculum

The SCC Clinical Training Curriculum provides the most comprehensive cannabinoid education for medical professionals to date.

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The Clinical Training Curriculum is available as individual courses or as part of a 512, or 23 module package. The SCC is releasing new offerings on an ongoing basis. SCC members receive a discount on courses and as well as other perks. Learn more about our course offerings and packages below.

Courses are unlocked for 1 year after purchase. All modules come with a certificate of completion.

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Individual Modules


The SCC is addressing healthcare disparities and social injustice through advocacy and education. The War on Drugs has disproportionately impacted Black, Brown and Indigenous communities- thus making it challenging for patients to have access to medicinal cannabis and explore holistic medicine as an alternative healthcare option.  In light of this, the SCC has launched a new scholarship program to offer our Clinical Training Curriculum to students who reside in communities affected by the War on Drugs. Please click below to learn more and to apply.