SCC founder Tod Mikuriya, MD, envisioned a journal in which clinicians monitoring cannabis use by patients could share findings and observations and be kept up-to-date on relevant scientific, political and legal developments. “A cross between a medical journal and a defense committee leaflet” is how he described it in recruiting me —a former editor of Scientific American and press secretary for the District Attorney of San Francisco— to be managing editor.

Tod’s business plan was simple: SCC doctors would buy the paper and distribute it free to patients as payback for all that patients had taught them about cannabis as medicine. We published seven issues of O’Shaughnessy’s before Tod’s death in 2007; and seven have been brought out since.

It was not a profitable business plan, but we compiled a vital and thorough history of the medical marijuana movement, rich in primary and secondary sources.

If you’re new to the field, there’s no better way to to learn how we got here .

-Fred Gardner

Essential Reading for the Cannabis Clinician

Winter 2018/2019 Print Edition includes:
Cannabis as an Alternative to Opioids, Dustin Sulak
SCC Spares CA from FSMB Guidelines, Fred Gardner
Fingerprinting Cannabis for Medical Use, Meiri/Kuwana
Grand Rounds at St. Rose, Jeffrey Hergenrather
Armentano Pattern of Protective Effects Emerges in Studies, Melanie Dreher
The breeding of Jamaican Lion, Jeremias Menard
The Making of a Topical and Plight of the Artisan, Deborah Caldwell
The Making of a Vape Pen, James Blood
Evidence Based Medicine vs Medical Cannabis, Jack McCue
The NASEM Report
The Value of Clinical Evidence, Tod Mikuriya/Raphael Mechoulam
The MBC Guidelines (The Faustian Bargain of Our Time)
FG Deconstruction of Cannabis Use Disorder
Dr. Goldstrich at Parkland Hospital
The Original Cannabis Telemedicine Practice
The Reporter Who Exposed The Plot Against Proposition 215, Pat McCartney
Pebbles Trippet’s Achievement, Acknowledgment for Jeff Jones
Farewell to Dennis Peron
..and more

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After Proposition 215 legalized cannabis for medical use in California in 1996, I was in close touch with Dr. Tod Mikuriya. We talked and emailed almost daily about every aspect of the movement—science, politics, law, history, clinical encounters, personalities, you name it. We lamented the refusal of the entrenched political bureaucracy to implement the law enacted by the voters. We both saw Big PhRMA as the ultimate sponsor of the War on Drugs.

Notes to the SCC is a continuation of my end of the conversation with Tod.