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Outreach Committee

Members of this committee will be involved in SCC’s outward-facing social media and develop creative programs that will help support membership recruitment. This committee will plan and implement programs to build public awareness of and support for the mission of the society. Lastly, members will work on building and maintaining relationships with key industry organizations.

Chair: Robbin Lynn
Members: Chela Fiorni, Elizabeth Frankenberg-Mironchik, Ellen Kuwana, Ingrid Lui, Sherry Yafai

International Committee

The objectives of this committee will be to identify and assist healthcare professionals who are interested in the clinical application of cannabis as medicine in countries outside the United States. Assistance will be in the form of clinical education, advice on organizing and research, and if possible, providing consultations for clinical cases, all within the context of the healthcare system of each country. This committee will create a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) for international members to be able to post to the SCC website and generate a list of international email addresses for the SCC practitioner directory. Also, this committee will encourage international members to send in case presentations for possible posting on the SCC website.

Chair: Christine Milentis
Members: Mimi Vo, Stephen Robinson, Jeffrey Hergenrather, Aias-Theodoros Papastavrou, Michelle Stanvic

Education Committee

Members of this committee will work on identifying a CME accreditor. Members will also assist in updating existing CME module, and reviewing and editing future modules. Committee members may also review user data from our CME host(s) as well as our website analytics, etc. to respond to the needs of our online learners. Members might be asked to periodically contribute to SCC website content. Lastly, members will nominate or self-nominate potential speakers for events and as presenters for the SCC quarterly all-member meetings.

Chair: Chair: Patricia C. Frye
Members: Cramer Ernst, April Shabazz, Dawn Marie Steenstra

Research Committee

Advance medical knowledge on cannabis through scientific writing, publishing and public speaking. Advise and encourage SCC members to publish data. Explore opportunities for collaborative research.

Chair: Kevin Takakuwa

Members: Raquel Schears, Anthony Eidelman, Adie Rae, Mike steward, Jamie Carroon

Editorial Committee

Editorial Committee: Members will help with written materials, which could include content for the SCC website, editorials or articles for newspapers, magazines and scientific journals, blog posts and social media posts. Additionally, members could contribute to white papers, policy statements, letters of support, funding applications, and other materials as needed.

Chair: Sarah Russo
Members: Fred Gardner, Sarah Mann, Dawn-Marie Steenstra

All committee have active members at this time. If you are already a member of a committee and would like to be listed on this page, please send an email to your committee Chair granting us permission to publish your name.

Interested in joining a committee? Let Us Know
Committee Contact FormCommittee Contact Form