Terpenes/Terpenoids in Cannabis: Are They Important?


Hanuš LO. · Hod Y.

Published in Karger 

August 2020


Cannabis sativa plant has not only cannabinoids as crucial compounds but also the other compounds that play important role as synergistic and/or entourage compound. Cannabis/hemp plant materials and essential oils were analyzed with the help of gas chromatography/mass spectrometry detector for the content of terpenes and terpenoids. The main terpenes/terpenoids and their abundance in the samples were evaluated. Results of this study will be helpful in the next evaluation of these compound in mixture with cannabinoids and their importance in medical treatment.


Open Access


DOI: 10.1159/000509733


Hanuš, L. O., & Hod, Y. Terpenes/Terpenoids in Cannabis: Are They Important?. Medical Cannabis and Cannabinoids, 1-36.