Yafai, Sherry MD

Published in Emergency Medicine News

February 2021


Some men worry that they are not manly enough, and wonder if a lack of testosterone is the reason. Others comment, like a reader recently did, on the age-old fearmongering, unscientific propaganda about Cannabis (specifically THC) that it is a “potent suppressor of testosterone.” (“Using Cannabis for Self-Care,” EMN. 2020;42[9B]
Recent research on the recreational use of Cannabis, inferred as THC, showed that it results in an increase in testosterone, albeit temporarily. One study by a group of male urologists (World J Urol. 2020;38[12]:3275) reproduced the findings of another study by the National Institutes of Health that found THC use is associated with an increase in testosterone. (Andrology. 2017;5[4]:732; Another paper said “a dose-response relationship between increasing serum testosterone and decreasing time since last regular use indicating that recency of use, not duration or frequency of use, had the strongest relationship with testosterone levels.” (Andrology. 2017;5[4]:732; That means the more recently a man has smoked THC, the higher his testosterone level is.

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DOI: 10.1097/01.EEM.0000734856.67231.72


Yafai, S. (2021). The Case for Cannabis: Cannabis:, Testosterone, and Gender Inequality. Emergency Medicine News, 43(2A), 10-1097.