Report from House of Representatives Hearing “Cannabis Policy – For The New Decade”

Dr. Patricia Frye summarizes a cannabis policy hearing at the House of Representatives. Dr. Frye saw strong bipartisan support for decreasing the barriers to research on cannabis medicine.

Update on the Vape Pen Crisis: Considerations for Healthcare Professionals

The SCC sent a poll to its membership to gauge how those within the organization were approaching the pen pen issue and EVALI. Learn more about their recommendations and considerations.

IACM 2019 Highlights: Defending Doctors’ Rights Across the Globe

The IACM conference in Berlin highlighted talks from the top professionals in the field of cannabis science. Christine Milentis, our Executive Secretary, reports on the history of cannabis for medical use and the rights of doctors across the globe to prescribe it.

Changing My Specialty

Sometimes practitioners feel like they can’t recommend cannabis due to legal limitations, stigma, or a lack of support. Dr. Sarah Mann tells the tale of one of her patients who inspired the shift towards a cannabis integrated practice.

Education, Knowledge, and Practice Characteristics of Cannabis Physicians

Kevin M. Takakuwa, MD and Dr. Dustin Sulak evaluate how US medical professionals received their cannabis medicine training in Mary Ann Liebert, Inc.

Cannabis and Sexual Health Survey

Genester Wilson-King, MD and Dr. Michael Eisenberg are conducting research on cannabis and sexual health at Stanford University. The survey will provide an opportunity for the general public to participate in cannabis research.

A History of the US Medical Cannabis Movement and Its Importance to Pediatricians

SCC member Kevin M. Takakuwa, MD outlines on the historical impact of cannabis and its relevance to pediatric practice. The article highlights how cannabis may benefit seizure disorders in children and young adults.

A Not-So-Proud Memory

During Pride Month, we owe it to history to recall an embarrassing, tragic twist in the relationship between AIDS activism and the medical marijuana movement.

How the Aids Epidemic Catalyzed the Medical Marijuana Movement

The historical account of Dennis Peron, the medical cannabis and human rights activist who was instrumental in bringing attention to AIDS and changing cannabis policy in California.

Can CBD Counter Binge-Eating?

Findings suggest that CBD may have therapeutic potential to reduce binge eating and the development of obesity, according to a paper published by Addiction Biology.

GW Opposed Blumenauer-McClintock Amendment

On June 19 the House of Representatives voted to add the Blumenauer-McClintock Amendment —which would prevent the Department of Justice from enforcing federal law in states that have legalized adult-use marijuana—to an appropriations bill.

Add MJ Journals: ‘Medical Cannabis and Cannabinoids’

“Medical Cannabis and Cannabinoids” is a peer-reviewed journal offering an international forum to present and discuss recent advances in the rapidly developing field of medical cannabis and cannabinoids.