Photography Volunteer Opportunity

Photography Volunteer Opportunity

The Society of Cannabis Clinicians (SCC) is a non-profit organization of healthcare professionals and allies advocating for education and support for cannabis in clinical practice. We are seeking a volunteer photographer to help us create stimulating, creative, and professional original photos for our website that is in alignment with the organization’s mission. This is a one-time volunteer opportunity aimed at supplementing some of the current placeholder images on the SCC webpages. The photos may also be used for various social media content as well as educational materials online and in print.

Ideal candidates are self-directed and have extensive experience with photography. They have a strong eye for esthetics and access to a photography studio and/or professional environments needed to complete the project. They must also be passionate about cannabis medicine and the science surrounding it.

This volunteer opportunity is unpaid but can be completed in exchange for a yearly membership to our organization. The volunteer photographer will work with the SCC Creative Director to brainstorm ideas, target areas of the SCC website where photos are needed, and execute the project. The target duration from beginning to end is one month. This opportunity would provide a much-appreciated need for our organization and also create a manner to build the photographer’s portfolio.

Those interested must submit a link to their photography portfolio and one paragraph explaining why they are interested in volunteering with the organization. Please submit your application via email here.

(Cover Photo by Thorn Yang from Pexels)