Patients’ Rights Jeopardized in California

Bobby Eisenberg has worked with El Dorado officials to develop regulations that recognize a patient’s right to grow as much cannabis as their doctor authorizes. Now the planning commission in El Dorado Country wants to impose a six-plant limit.

Examining Medical Cannabis Models Worldwide: Access Amidst Lockdown

What would we envision as the best cannabis model for international patient access? This question was explored at a collaborative event in Barcelona just before the COVID-19 lockdowns swept over Spain (and the world).

Cannabis & The COVID-19 Pandemic: A Physician’s Perspective

Joe D. Goldstrich, MD, FACC outlines what we know about the antiviral properties of cannabis and whether or not it could be helpful or detrimental for COVID-19.

Sex, Intimacy, and Cannabis

Sarah Mann, MD separates myth and conjecture from what is known (and unknown) about cannabis and sex. 

The Endocannabinoid System of Animals

This review paper by Dr. Robert Silver gives an overview of the ECS in animals and highlights it as a topic of interest for emerging therapeutics.

Combining Cannabis With Other Herbs

Does cannabis have synergy with other plants? James Brent, DDS reviews the literature.

Cannabinoid and Terpenoid Doses are Associated with Adult ADHD Status of Medical Cannabis Patients

An Israeli study identifies associations between the use of cannabinoids and terpenes for symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Response to UK Medical Cannabis Guidelines

Physicians from the UK give their critiques of recent medical cannabis regulations, noting the narrow window of qualifying conditions that do not include chronic pain, as well as advocating for the use of lower-cost, whole-plant flowers for patients.

The Impact of Medical Cannabis on Intermittent and Chronic Opioid Users with Back Pain: How Cannabis Diminished Prescription Opioid Usage

A long-term observational stud found cannabis worked as an alternative to prescription opioids in over half of patients with low back pain and an be an adjunct therap to diminish chronic opioid use for some people.

Report from House of Representatives Hearing “Cannabis Policy – For The New Decade”

Dr. Patricia Frye summarizes a cannabis policy hearing at the House of Representatives. Dr. Frye saw strong bipartisan support for decreasing the barriers to research on cannabis medicine.

Update on the Vape Pen Crisis: Considerations for Healthcare Professionals

The SCC sent a poll to its membership to gauge how those within the organization were approaching the pen pen issue and EVALI. Learn more about their recommendations and considerations.

IACM 2019 Highlights: Defending Doctors’ Rights Across the Globe

The IACM conference in Berlin highlighted talks from the top professionals in the field of cannabis science. Christine Milentis, our Executive Secretary, reports on the history of cannabis for medical use and the rights of doctors across the globe to prescribe it.