Yedukondalu Nalli, Sahil Bharti, Tanzeeva Amin, Rohit Singh, Jayaprakash Behera, Anindya Goswami, Mahendra Kumar Verma


August 30, 2023


Phytocannabinoids and synthetic cannabinoids have been explored as the lead due to their anti-proliferative nature and can be anti-cancer agents. These were found to activate numerous pharmacological targets to generate new therapies in alleviating specic symptoms or delaying the disease of Cancer. However, the comprehensive anti-cancer activities of cannabinoid acids and non-cannabinoids are not fully explored. Herein we report simple extraction, faster bioassay-guided fractionation, and HPLC-assisted purication of bioactive secondary metabolite and their identication. Anti-proliferative activity of six cannabinoid acids (CBDA’s) and eleven non-cannabinoids from the leaves of Cannabis sativa was evaluated. HPLC- assisted purication from the bioactive fractions leads to isolate one new compound Methoxy Canniprene (methoxy isoprenyl bibenzyl), including all six CBDA’s eleven non-cannabinoids in a single step, and NMR, HR-ESI-MS studies, and comparison with the literature data authenticated their structures. The crude extract (IC50 range: 18.0–37.2 μg/mL), Fraction A to D (11.9 to 222 μg/mL), and puried different cannabinoid and non cannabinoids (IC50 range: 0.5–100 μM) displayed potent anti-proliferative activities against almost all the tested ve human cancer cell lines.

DOI: 10.21203/


Nalli, Y., Bharti, S., Amin, T., Singh, R., Behera, J., Goswami, A., & Verma, M. K. (2023). Phytochemical investigation of anti-proliferative active fractions of Cannabis sativa leads to isolate a new Compound Canniprene A and other bioactive compounds through bioassay guided fractionation and HPLC assisted purification.