Brian Robert Peter Birch, Charlie Taylor

Published in Urology

November 2020


There is growing evidence suggesting cannabinoids may provide suitable alternatives to conventional treatments in an increasing number of clinical settings. This review evaluates how cannabinoids are used to treat certain benign urologicalpathologies and to clarify the clinical value of this data. This review includes 62 papers and was undertaken per PRIS-MA’s guidelines, it evidences the therapeutic potential of cannabinoids in the management of specific benign urologicaldiseases, most notably neurogenic bladder dysfunction (clinical studies), renal disease (animal studies), and interstitialcystitis (animal studies). However, whilst cannabinoids are increasingly used, they cannot be considered reliable alterna-tives to more recognised treatments.

Open Access




Taylor, C., & Birch, B. (2020). Cannabinoids in urology. Which benign conditions might they be appropriate to treat: A systematic review. Urology.