Nayara Araujo dos Santos, Wanderson Romão


March 2023


Cannabis is a plant that has several evolutionary aspects related to its use and application throughout history. Due to simple cultivation, it is present in all hemispheres of the earth and almost every country in the world. For many years, it was cultivated and used as a source of food and textile fibers. It was widely used in treating various diseases and symptoms even before developing studies and research to prove its pharmacological actions. Despite the extraordinary advances in its applicability, due to the chemical complexity of this plant and its plurality of constituents, the existing and possible applications of Cannabis are still considered incipient. Therefore, the scope of this review article provides information related to general concepts of Cannabis, such as its composition, taxonomic classification, a summary of the biosynthesis of its main constituent class (cannabinoids), contributions over the years in medicine, notes about the use of its derived products for recreational purposes, among others, to synthesize the main topics about this millenary plant. Thus, the reader can have an overall view of Cannabis science.


DOI: 10.1016/j.forc.2023.100470


dos Santos, N. A., & Romão, W. (2023). Cannabis-a state of the art about the millenary plant: Part I. Forensic Chemistry, 100470.