Case Report: Cannabis Substitution Therapy for Prescription Opioid Detoxification


Sherry Yafai, MD


July 26,  2023


Data continue to emerge on the use of cannabinoids for pain management, narcotic substitution, and heroin withdrawal. Building on previous studies, I present a case demonstrating the effectiveness of dose-controlled, oral cannabinoids to rapidly remove prescription opioids using cannabis substitution therapy.
Cannabis is recreationally and medically legal in California. In accordance with regulations, medications containing cannabis must be measured, labeled, tested, and verified by a state-licensed third-party laboratory. The following case involves a patient who presented to the ReLeaf Institute in Los Angeles, California in February 2018 for evaluation of chronic pain, with the goal of removing prescription opioids via the use of cannabis medications.
Using dose-controlled, oral cannabinoids, the patient achieved total cessation of prescription opioids and cannabinoids by the end of treatment.
This case report shows novel cannabis substitution therapy as a safe, effective, and plausible option for tapering patients off prescription opioids without withdrawal symptoms.


Yafai, S. Case Report: Cannabis Substitution Therapy for Prescription Opioid Detoxification.