The Skin and Natural Cannabinoids–Topical and Transdermal Applications

The chemical constituents of the Cannabis plant known as cannabinoids have been extensively researched for their potential therapeutic benefits. The use of cannabinoids applied to the skin as a potential method for both skin-related benefits and systemic administration has attracted increasing interest in recent years. This review aims to present an overview of the most recent scientific research on cannabinoids used topically, including their potential advantages for treating a number of skin conditions like psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, and acne. Additionally, with a focus on the pharmacokinetics and security of this route of administration, we investigate the potential of the transdermal delivery of cannabinoids as a method of systemic administration. The review also discusses the restrictions and difficulties related to the application of cannabinoids on the skin, emphasizing the potential of topical cannabinoids as a promising route for both localized and systemic administration. More studies are required to fully comprehend the efficacy and safety of cannabinoids in various settings.

Perceptions and recommendation behaviors of dermatologists for medical cannabis: A pilot survey

Authors: Samuel Yeroushalmi, Kamaria Nelsona, Andrew Sparks, Adam Friedman Published in Complementary Therapies in Medicine September 2020 Abstract Objectives Evidence suggests that cannabinoids may provide therapeutic benefit to patients with…