Therapeutic use of medical Cannabis in neurological diseases: a clinical update

The use of medical Cannabis has increased in recent years due to changing legal circumstances in many countries. Approval exists only for a few neurological conditions such as rare forms of epilepsy or spasticity in multiple sclerosis. Beyond that, however, medical Cannabis is used for a wide range of neurological conditions and symptoms. In Germany, in parallel with new legislation that has simplified the prescription of medical Cannabis, an accompanying survey has been implemented for which initial data are now available. In this context, our review provides an overview of the evidence for the therapeutic use of medical Cannabis in neurology, the potential benefits, and side effects.

Molecular Targets of Cannabidiol in Experimental Models of Neurological Disease

Authors: Serena Silvestro, Giovanni Schepici, Placido Bramanti, and Emanuela Mazzon Published in Molecules November 2020 Abstract The Cannabis sativa plant contains more than 120 cannabinoids. With the exceptions of ∆9-Cannabidiol…