Integrative Oncology Approaches to Supporting Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor Treatment of Solid Tumours

The goal of this review was to examine the role and practical applications of integrative oncology strategies in supporting immune checkpoint inhibitor (ICI) treatment of adult solid tumours.

Recent Findings Beyond tumour-intrinsic factors, several patient-associated factors afect ICI response, including germline genetics, systemic infammation, the gut microbiota, and diet. Current promising supportive interventions include a Mediterranean-style diet with over 20 g of fbre, regular exercise, use of live biotherapeutics, minimisation of PPI and antibiotic use, and ensuring vitamin D repletion, with many other integrative oncology approaches under study. Caution around medical cannabis use in patients on ICIs is advised due to previously documented adverse impact on overall survival, while VAE (Viscum album extract) therapy studies have not highlighted any safety concerns so far.

Dispensary personnel’s views and experiences regarding oncologic cannabis and the counsel they offer adults with cancer

A minority of oncologists feel qualified to advise adults with can- cer on issues pertaining to medicinal cannabis. Adults with cancer frequently ac- cess medicinal cannabis information from non-medical sources such as cannabis dispensaries. We explored dispensary personnel’s views and experiences regard- ing oncologic cannabis and the counsel they extend individuals with cancer. Methods: Snowball sampling in this qualitative study facilitated recruitment across 13 states (N = 26). Semi-structured phone interviews ceased with thematic saturation. A multi-stage thematic analysis combined inductive and deductive codes.

Using Medical Cannabis in an Oncology Practice

Authors: Donald I. Abrams
Oncology, May 2016

As oncologists, we treat patients who have devastating diagnoses with potent therapies. Hence, we demand solid evidence before recommending any intervention. Unfortunately, when it comes to supporting the use of cannabis in clinical situations, we are frustrated by a dearth of…