Characteristics of and 3-month health outcomes for people seeking treatment with prescribed cannabis: Real-world evidence from Project Twenty21

Medicinal cannabis has been legal in the UK since 2018 but there is limited information about characteristics of people seeking prescribed cannabis and the effectiveness of this treatment. This paper documents symptom patterns and quality of life among individuals seeking medicinal cannabis and examines changes in symptoms, quality of life and use of pre- scribed opioids using data from an observational registry study of patients (Project Twenty21). Self-report data, including condition-specific symptomatology and general health (quality of life, general health, mood and sleep), were available at treatment entry for 2833 patients seeking medicinal cannabis for any indication and also at 3-month follow-up for 1410 individuals seeking treatment for anxiety disorders, chronic pain or PTSD. Among chronic pain patients, dose and fre- quency of prescribed opioid use was available.