SCC Internship Opportunities

The Society of Cannabis Clinicians (SCC) is seeking interns to support the organization in various ways. The SCC is a nonprofit educational and scientific society of physicians and health care professionals dedicated to the education and research support of cannabis for medical use. This year marks our 20th anniversary as an organization advocating for doctor and patient rights. The organization was founded in the United States but has staff and members throughout the world. These internships will provide the opportunity to work with a society of experts and deepen skills and experience in the cannabis field.

Ideal candidates will have a strong knowledge base in cannabis medicine and the science surrounding it. They must be passionate about research and building an international community internationally.

Baseline requirements and availability

  • Past experience and knowledge in medical cannabis
  • English fluency
  • Professionalism and competence in a dynamic and engaging work environment
  • 5-10 hrs a week, flexible according to availability. See individual intern descriptions below for specifics
  • Weekly video call check-in with managers
  • Strong ability to work individually as well as with a team

Five specific positions are outlined below.


This position is unpaid but has benefits. Interns will receive a free SCC membership, as well as the ability to engage with top experts in the field. Depending on performance, there is a potential for the role to evolve into something more in the future.

To apply:

Fill out your basic information, answer a few basic questions, and upload your CV.


✻ Social Media Intern

We are searching for an intern to work closely with our Content Editor to identify articles and resources that pertain to medical cannabis, align with SCC’s mission, promote SCC projects, and further educate our followers. The intern will identify relevant articles of interest, organize weekly posting schedules, write short copy for social media postings, and manage social media presence. They may also help to identify social media campaigns and optimize content strategy to boost traffic to the SCC website. They will also be responsible for monthly social media reports and pinpointing what content is most effective on which platform.

Requirements: Has knowledge of social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) and marketing strategies. Strong writing skills and knowledge of the subject matter are essential. Basic graphic design skills are a major plus.

Estimated hours: 5-10 per week

✻ SEO/Analytics Reporting Intern

This candidate is highly knowledgeable and passionate about search engine optimization and website analytics. They will be responsible for performing SEO for all content on the newly updated SCC website as well and navigating an ongoing SEO strategy for the organization. In addition, we would like someone who has a strong knowledge base of Google Analytics to help us optimize the pages of the SCC site. The intern will be responsible for creating monthly website reports and making suggestions for how to boost traffic.

Requirements: Has a strong knowledge of SEO, WordPress, Yoast, and Google Analytics

Estimated Hours: 5-8 per week initially, and “as needed” later on.

✻ Research Library Intern

The SCC is seeking someone familiar with WordPress and Pubmed who can input studies into the SCC Research Library. All included articles have been vetted by SCC Board members to ensure that only rigorous, unbiased, and non-commercialized studies are included. The Research Library intern will be responsible for uploading new articles and papers that are sent to them, and properly categorizing them in the Library. They will also be tasked with looking for research to expand the library, and sending new potential papers to the Content Editor for review.

Requirements: Knowledge of Pubmed and scientific research. Past experience with WordPress is essential, as well as a strong attention to detail.

Estimated Hours: 5-8 per week, flexible.

✻ Policy Intern

This internship is aimed at supporting understanding medical cannabis policies around the world and opportunities for improvement. Tasks include creating formal documentation that compares all state and international policies in a master file, communicating and coordinating with national and international organizations to bring clinician advisors to policymakers, and focusing on addressing tax issues.

Requirements: Strong research background, political science degree or working towards diploma, experience working on policy locally

Estimated Hours: 5-8 per week, flexible.

✻ Video Editor Intern

We are seeking someone to help us take our video content and optimize it for promotion. We have unedited meetings and seminars that will need to be polished. We will also want video clips and “teasers” created for sharing on social media. Will also be responsible for helping the Content Manager define ways to optimize platforms to promote both free and paid video content.

Requirements: Must have experience with video editing and the Vimeo platform. A plus for past involvement in social media marketing and the optimization of video platforms.

Estimated Hours: 1-5 per week, or “as needed”