Does using marijuana increase the risk for developing schizophrenia?


A. Eden Evins, Alan I. Green, John M. Kane, Sir Robin M. Murray

Published in The Journal of clinical psychiatry

April 2013



As more US states and other countries consider legalizing marijuana, clinicians need to know the possible effects of this drug. Research has shown a connection between marijuana use and an increased risk for schizophrenia in young people who are vulnerable to developing psychosis. An international panel of experts addresses topics such as risk factors for schizophrenia, the potency and effects of cannabis use on adolescents, the effects of concurrent drug use with cannabis on schizophrenia risk, and current attitudes toward marijuana.


DOI: 10.4088/JCP.12012tx2c



Evins AE, Green AI, Kane JM, Murray SRM. Does Using Marijuana Increase the Risk for Developing Schizophrenia? J Clin Psychiatry. 2013;74(04):e08. doi:10.4088/JCP.12012tx2c