Jacqueline A. French

Published in Epilepsy Currents

May 2002



Determining the prognosis of patients when they first present with epilepsy is a difficult task. Several clinical studies have shed light on this very important topic. Potential predictors of the refractory state, including seizure etiology, duration of epilepsy before treatment, and epilepsy type, have not been successful indicators of long-term outcome. One predictor of the refractory state appears to be early response to AED therapy. Inadequate seizure control after initial treatment is a poor prognostic sign. Recent research into genetic causes of the refractory state has included investigation of the multiple drug resistance gene, and polymorphisms at drug targets. More work is needed to determine the causes and predictors of drug resistance.


DOI: 10.1046/j.1535-7597.2002.00025.x



French JA. Response to Early AED Therapy and Its Prognostic Implications. Epilepsy Curr. 2002;2(3):69-71. doi:10.1046/j.1535-7597.2002.00025.x