Cannabinoids & Kidney Function by Joshua L. Rein, DO, FASN – SCC and Csequence Journal Club

This Journal Club series hosts monthly educational events where authors discuss their newly published scientific findings. Presentations will focus on a variety of articles and perspectives related to cannabis medicine, including but not limited to clinically-relevant articles and research methodology-focused papers. This month’s edition will feature Dr. Joshua Rein as he discusses his research and...

International Roundtable of Clinical Case Presentations

Join us for this one-of-a-kind event as we host clinicians from around the globe to discuss clinical case studies of their medical cannabis patients. Attend live to participate in the Q&A. All SCC members will have access to the recording following the event.

National Interdisciplinary Cannabis Symposium (Educating one another)


Event details: NATIONAL INTERDISCIPLINARY CANNABIS SYMPOSIUM 2 Educating One Another 1 – 3 DECEMBER 2023 PORTLAND, OREGON There are now several pending Congressional Bills related to cannabis including decriminalisation and rescheduling of the drug. Thirty- eight states have some form of medical marijuana. 23 States, D.C. Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, and Tribal nations now have...