Ziva Cooper, PhD: Human Laboratory Studies of Cannabis: Probing Current Trends

Ziva Cooper, PhD presents “Controlled Human Laboratory Studies of Cannabis and Cannabinoids: Probing Current Trends in Medicinal Cannabis” at the SCC Quarterly Meeting. Dr. Cooper discusses research examining the differences between men and women in their response to the pain-relieving effects of cannabis, the potential for cannabis to reduce reliance on opioids, and therapeutic effects of cannabinoids in patient populations.

Women, Babies, Kids and Cannabis

Melanie Dreher, PhD, RN, FAAN gives an in depth account of her groundbreaking anthropological research on the use of cannabis medicine in Jamaica. Recorded in 2018 at Sonoma State University.

Physician Roundtable – Cannabis in Pediatrics

A roundtable discussion featuring Society of Cannabis Clinician’s members Dr. Bonni Goldstein, Dr. Dustin Sulak, and Dr. Jeffrey Hergenrather on the applications of cannabis in pediatric care. They share case studies on treating kids and adolescents in their clinical practice with autism, epilepsy, and other conditions.

Cannabis for Hospice & Palliative Care

Explore the applications of cannabis for hospice and palliative care with Valerie Leveroni-Corral. Valerie highlights four case studies and discusses various dosing regimens and protocols that she has used in her work. Valerie is the cofounder of WAMM Phytotherapies, a non-profit organization that has provided cannabis medicine to low income, chronically ill patients for decades.

Legal implications of recommending cannabis

Know your rights as a cannabis recommending physician. Lawyer Michael Levinsohn outlines legal considerations for healthcare providers in regard to cannabis in clinical practice. He explains the nuances of recommending cannabis in California state which can be useful guidelines for elsewhere.

Intro to the Endocannabinoid System

Dr. Sherry Yafai of the Releaf Institute gives the basics on the endocannabinoid system and cannabinoids. By the end of this lecture, participants will be able to describe the endocannabinoid system and relevant receptors, assess the current clinical evidence for cannabinoids as a therapeutic treatment option, and as well as discussing the need for further education for healthcare providers.

Vaping Risks & Product Safety

Dr. Jahan Marcu gives research-based evidence on vape pen use and the EVALI situation, separating fact from conjecture on the vape pen crisis.

Cannabis For Senior Mental Health

Dr. Phillip Grob, a geriatric psychiatrist, discusses the potential applications of cannabis for dementia and mental health challenges in the senior population.

Opiates & Cannabis: Current Perspectives & Case Studies

Dr. Sherry Yafai of the Releaf Institute discusses the applications of cannabis to reduce or replace the use of opiate drugs. She outlines the opioid epidemic and how cannabis may be used as a tool for harm reduction. 

From Cultivar to Chemovar: An Update on Cannabis Varieties

Dr. Arno Hazekamp discusses the intricacies of the Sativa/Indica debate. He describes metabolic characterists of cannabis constituents and the characteristics of hybrids. Originally recorded at the SCC Quarterly Meeting in March of 2018.

Tourette Syndrome: Clinical Presentation, Underlying Pathology and Treatment Options

Dr. Kirsten Muller-Vahl, is a physician specializing in neurology and psychiatry, is the world’s authority on cannabis and Tourette’s syndrome. She presents “Tourette Syndrome: Clinical presentation, underlying pathology and treatment options” at the February SCC Quarterly Meeting on January 4, 2018. 

Cancer Biology and Cannabinoid Research

Dr. David (Dedi) Meiri presents on “Laboratory of Cancer Biology and Cannabinoid Research” at the SCC Quarterly Meeting on September 17, 2017