THC Inhibits Replication of Herpesviruses in Vitro

By January 11th, 2018 Research Articles, THC herpes

THC Inhibits Replication Of Herpes Viruses In VitroResearchers at the University of South Florida published an article in BioMed Central in 2004 summarizing the antiviral effects of THC and comparing THC with well-characterized antiviral drugs. They compiled data from the literature as well as from their own experimental results. The authors’ observations suggest that THC either directly or indirectly targets a viral gene shared by the herpesviruses. They believe that better understanding the relationship between cannabinoids and herpesviruses may lead to the development of specific non-psychoactive drugs that may inhibit reactivation of oncogenic herpesviruses.

THC Inhibits Replication Of Herpesviruses In Vitro