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Information for healthcare providers on the use of cannabis in clinical practice.

The SCC, in collaboration with The Medical Cannabis Institute, has created the first comprehensive, online curriculum to educate the practicing clinician on the research and clinical application of cannabis therapeutics. The Clinical Cannabinoid Medicine Curriculum is comprised of 12 courses, beginning with the basics of the plant and the endocannabinoid system and concluding with applications in clinical practice.

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Healer was created by Dr. Dustin Sulak with the goal of providing a trusted source of cannabis information from a respected authority on its use. The Healer Certification Program is an online training that includes evidence-based curriculum and condition-specific dosage guidelines. The program was designed for industry professionals, healthcare providers, and consumers. If you decide to sign up for the program through this link, 50% of your enrollment fee is donated to the Society of Cannabis Clinicians.

Cannabis Use in Pregnancy and Breastfeeding- March 3rd 2019
Citations compiled and presented by Genester Wilson-King, MD

Dr. Stacey Kerr, a veteran physician, shares her insight on the process of entering into the cannabis therapeutics field.

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The SCC has practice standards for medical cannabis patient recommendations. All SCC members are asked to verify that they abide by these parameters. Review them below:

SCC Practice Standards

This detailed form provides information to the recommending physician in order to collect data as part of retrospective studies. We encourage getting as much background information as possible on our patients as it can help clarify the effects of medical cannabis for specific diagnoses.

Health History Questionnaire

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If you provide recommendations, make sure your patients understand their rights. This will ensure that you, as the provider, are released from liability.
Download a sample release form here: Release of Liability

If you have international country-specific liability statements to include, please feel free to email us at

A consent form for doctors who are discussing medical cannabis with out-of-state patients. This form outlines basic info on out-of-state consultations. It is not to be viewed as professional medical advice. Diagnoses and recommendations are not provided.

Out-of-State Consent form