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Chronic recurring uveitis / iritis responds to cannabis
Medical Condition
Autoimmune disorders
Pressure, pain in both eyes
Autoimmune Disorders
60 y.o. woman with 37 year history of iritis/uveitis. Inflammation and dull aching eye pain was managed with oral prednisone followed by continuous use of steroid eye drops until two years ago when the treating ophthalmologist recommended a trial of cannabis which she found eliminated her need for all oral steroids and nearly all topical steroids for the past 2 1/2 years.
Patient information
Brief history and target symptomatology
Onset of iritis / uveitis at age 23, associated with mildly elevated antinuclear antibody, but no evidence of other autoimmune or neurodegenerative disease. Both of the irises became "sticky" and asymmetrical but "cooled off" with oral prednisone over the first year. The condition never completely resolved as recurrences began in her late twenties and have continued for thirty years.
Previous and current conventional therapies
For 37 years the patient has frequently used a Medrol Dosepak or prolonged and greater doses of oral steroids and steroid eye drops to reduce the pain and sense of pressure in the eyes. In the past two years she reports using Pred Forte 1% for only a couple days at the hint of eye pain.
Clinical response to Cannabis
Cannabis has been effective at diminishing iritis and uveitis recurrences almost entirely since 2009. Preferred method of administration is ingesting a cannabis infused brownie in the evening, along with infrequent cannabis smoke and/or vapor.
Additional Comments
IOPs have remained in normal range. ANA is reportedly normal. No signs of autoimmune or neurodegenerative disease have occurred.
Usual method of Cannabis administration
Frequency of Usage: Time Per Day
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