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Medical ConditionAdverse effects


Cannabis Overdose
Medical Condition
Adverse effects
Dizziness, Loss of muscle control, Inability to move
After smoking an unknown (organic) sample of high-THC cannabis, patient became dizzy and anxious. Symptoms rapidly progressed to complete inability to use voluntary muscles for a period of approximately 30 minutes. All symptoms resolved after several hours of sleep.
Patient information
Brief history and target symptomatology
Patient had ingested one margarita approximately one hour prior to smoking a single inhalation of high-THC cannabis. 15 minutes after inhaling, dizziness and anxiety symptoms occurred. 10 minutes later all ability to move voluntary muscles was lost with no effect on breathing or involuntary muscle control. No loss of continence. Speaking was not possible but patient was able to 'grunt'. Catalepsy without rigidity lasted for approximately 30 minutes, but dizziness persisted. Patient was assisted to bed and after several hours of sleep was once again normal. No residual symptoms persisted.
Previous and current conventional therapies
Patient is a many-year experienced cannabis smoker, rarely ingests it due to fear of overdose. Rarely drinks alcohol but is not overly sensitive to alcohol. Taking no other medications - either prescription or OTC.
Clinical response to Cannabis
Loss of muscle control without loss of consciousness.
Additional Comments
Although patient was anxious about the reaction, she does continue to use cannabis. She is careful about the source and the content prior to inhaling or ingesting.
Usual method of Cannabis administration
Cannabis strain (if known)
Frequency of Usage: Time Per Day
Frequency of Usage: Days per Week
Reported by
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Stacey Kerr MD