Humboldt Humbled by Legalization

Although it’s entitled “How Legalization Changed Humboldt County Marijuana,” Emily Witt’s article in the New Yorker is not about new plant varieties but about new social realities. 

Cannabis: From a Plant That Modulates Feeding Behaviors toward Developing Selective Inhibitors of the Peripheral Endocannabinoid System for the Treatment of Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome.

Authors: Shira Hirsch, Joseph Tam
Toxins, 15 May 2019

In this review, we discuss the role of the endocannabinoid (eCB) system in regulating energy and metabolic homeostasis. Endocannabinoids, via activating the cannabinoid type-1 receptor (CB1R), are commonly known as mediators of the thrifty phenotype hypothesis due to their act…

Anti-tumour actions of cannabinoids.

Authors: Burkhard Hinz, Robert Ramer
British Journal of Pharmacology, May 2019

The endocannabinoid system has emerged as an important target for the treatment of many diverse diseases. In addition to the well-established palliative effects of cannabinoids in cancer therapy, phytocannabinoids, synthetic cannabinoid compounds and inhibitors of endocannabin…

Species-specific susceptibility to cannabis-induced convulsions.

Authors: Benjamin J. Whalley, Hong Lin, Lynne Bell, Thomas Hill, Amesha Patel, Roy A. Gray, C. Elizabeth Roberts, Orrin Devinsky, Michael Bazelot, Claire M. Williams, Gary J. Stephens Published in…