Medical Marijuana Laws and Adolescent Marijuana Use in the USA from 1991 to 2014

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Medical Marijuana Laws and Adolescent Marijuana Use in the USAIn the current June 2015 issue of Lancet, findings consistent with previous evidence suggest that passage of state medical marijuana laws does not increase adolescent use of marijuana. Whether access to a substance for medical purposes should be determined by legislation rather than biomedical research and regulatory review is debatable. However, concerns that increased adolescent marijuana use is an unintended effect of state medical marijuana laws seem unfounded. Read More

Current Status and Future of Cannabis Research

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Current Status and Future of Cannabis ResearchThis peer reviewed article from the April 2015 issue of Clinical Research explores the current status of cannabis research, including regulatory challenges & solutions, and discusses the future of the field. Although cannabis is primarily viewed by the public as a recreational drug or agent of abuse, its medical application spans recorded history. Read More

Effects of Chronic Cannabis Use in the Compassionate Investigational New Drug Program

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Effects of Chronic Cannabis UseThe Missoula Chronic Clinical Cannabis Use Study was published in 2002. This project, with Ethan Russo as lead author, provided the first opportunity to scrutinize the long-term effects of cannabis on patients who had used a known dosage of a standardized, heat-sterilized quality-controlled supply of low-grade marijuana for 11 to 27 years. Read More

Dr. O’Shaughnessy’s Pain Preparation

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Dr. O'Shaughnessy's Pain Preparation
From an 1843 issue of the Provincial Medical Journal in London, comes this reprint of Dr. William O’Shaughnessy’s report on preparation of hemp in the treatment of pain. “As to the evil sequels so unanimously dwelt on by all writers, these did not appear to me so numerous, so immediate, or so formidable, as many which may be clearly traced to over-indulgence in other powerful stimulants or narcotics-viz, alcohol, opium, or tobacco.”.

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Medical Marijuana Laws and Suicide

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Marijuana and Suicide Rates | Medical Marijuana Laws & Suicide

Mental health and suicide rates – this discussion paper published in 2012, states, “Our results suggest that the passage of a medical marijuana law is associated with an almost 5 percent reduction in the total suicide rate, an 11 percent reduction in the suicide rate of 20- through 29-year-old males, and a 9 percent reduction in the suicide rate of 30- through 39-year-old males.” Read More