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Effects of Long Term Cannabis Use

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Effects Of Long Term Cannabis Use

In a 2003 issue of the Journal of International Neuropsychological Society is this study looking at the possible long-term residual effects of using cannabis. The results of this meta-analytic study failed to reveal a substantial, systematic effect of long-term, regular cannabis consumption on the neurocognitive functioning of users who were not acutely intoxicated. Read More

Medical Marijuana Laws and Suicide

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Marijuana and Suicide Rates | Medical Marijuana Laws & Suicide

Mental health and suicide rates – this discussion paper published in 2012, states, “Our results suggest that the passage of a medical marijuana law is associated with an almost 5 percent reduction in the total suicide rate, an 11 percent reduction in the suicide rate of 20- through 29-year-old males, and a 9 percent reduction in the suicide rate of 30- through 39-year-old males.” Read More

Human Cannabinoid Receptor Gene Associated With Happiness

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Human Cannabinoid Receptor Gene Associated With Happiness | Cannabis and Mood

This 2014 study out of Japan indicated that genetic traits, specifically the CB1 receptor gene genotypes, are closely related to happiness. C allele carriers of the SNP of CNR1 who are sensitive to positive emotional stimuli may experience a higher magnitude pleasure response when they experience positive events and may have a higher subjective happiness level. Read More